The worlds first downdraft with a central cooking plate.
And underhung drawer.


Ceiling Hood Performance. Without the Ceiling.

With downdraft becoming the new norm, power is questionable. We said it had to step above the current noise.
Emphasising airflow, and creating clarity in the UI were our central points. Reinforcing the current confidence of the Gutmann brand to you and the retailers.


Designed to Be Splashed. Again and Again

Enduring daily life and usage isn’t always so easy. The constant cleaning can wear down the most avid chef and homeowner. We decided to make things a whole lot easier.
We rethought what it means to clean. Dimensioning all the components to fit directly into your dishwasher. A fit contrast from everyone else; Making it user friendly in every sense.


Introducing Light Mode

High tech meets low light. Capturing 95% of the potential consumer market was important for the start. With such a large variation in depths and heights of current cabinets and kitchen drawers.
It wouldn’t always be so clear the drawer was there; We wanted to leave you a friendly reminder to remember the brains of the beauty. Forever and always.

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