Troniq Modular

Period: 2021
Studio: VanBerlo
Client: EVBox
Role: Product Strategy, Concept Ideation, Concet Modeling, 3D Visualisation
Photo: EVBox

EV Box Troniq Modular.
A Blank Canvas for Brands.

The market of fast chargers is developing quickly and many players want to offer flexible charging solutions. EVBox has a great new functional platform that needed a housing design to allow for flexibility and customisability the same way the platform does.

 Creating this modular design as a blank canvas allows optimal freedom to different brands to design something that matches not only their functional needs, but also fits with their respective brand values.

The housing design is focussed on feasibility for the full modular platform, aiming to reduce risks during production. This results in an humble shape which shows sophistication through details, focusing on user interaction and visual balance.

The light elements draw the attention to the functional area's so the user feels guided and feels safe, even in a dark environment when charging at night.
Recognisable from far. Guided when close.


Dedicated for B2B

The visual balance offers a light look and feel while keeping a large branding surface dedicated for B2B.
Meanwhile the technical build up allows an optimised footprint, which offers in addition of the visual balance, a competitive EV charger for Business Partner.


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